Communications Services

What does Harper Lane do?

If you’re looking for someone to craft your sentences or snap you some simple photos, Harper Lane can help. Although be warned: we believe in clear, no-nonsense English. You’ll get no “incentivisation to formulate jargonised use case scenarios” with us; we write things that people understand. That doesn’t mean that our writing lacks sophistication, it means that we get your message across with style and authenticity.

House specialties include:

  • shaping scribbled, meandering sets of ideas into a clear, polished piece of writing
  • writing¬† for and about the education sector, especially curriculum and resource development
  • creating clear, intelligent and interesting copy free of empty jargon.

We can also help you with:

  • writing feature articles, profiles and web copy
  • developing a pitch
  • checking your facts
  • taking portrait photos that won’t make you wince
  • designing a simple, clear layout that will suit your message.

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